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Chichester (WS) - Selsey

Date Closed to Passenger Services

21 Jan 1935

Mileage Closed

7m 25c*

Stations Closed

Chichester (WS); Hunston; Chalder; Mill Pond Halt; Sidlesham; Ferry; Selsey Golf Links Platform (08/1914; to private); Selsey Bridge; Selsey

Services Operated

Chichester (WS) - Selsey

Cobb Atlas Reference

40 85 04 - 86 93


RCH South of England 1906

Further Notes

West Sussex Light Railway.

ACD. OCD - Sunday 20/01/1935. RPSGB p474 gives details of conflicting dates. It is suggested that LTR Sat 19/01/1935 and SR had custom of quoting following day as OCD regardless of scheduled service. As no Sunday service operated normal practice would give Monday as OCD. 

*RCH SE 1906.


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