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Walton Old Jct. [Warrington] - Stockport Edgeley No.2 Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

4 Sep 1971

Mileage Closed

19m 35c

Services Operated

Arpley Jct. - Broadheath Jct. -  Liverpool (Lime St.) - Ditton Junction - Warrington (Bank Quay) - Manchester (Oxford Rd.)

Skelton West Jct. - Northenden Jct. -  Liverpool (Central)/Warrington (Central) - Stockport (Tiviot Dale)

Northenden Jct. - Stockport Edgeley No.2 Jct. (aka Northenden Line Jct.) - Manchester (London Rd.)/Stockport - Cheadle/Broadheath/Warrington (Bank Quay)/Liverpool (Lime St.)

Timetable Reference

BR(LM) 18 Jun - 9 Sep 62 Table 113; BR(LM) 7 Sep 64 - 13 Jun 65 Table 135; BR(LMR) 3 May 71 - 30 Apr 72 Tables 24 & 39

Cobb Atlas Reference

355 59 85 - 357 89 87


RCH Lancashire & Cheshire Districts 1933

Further Notes

LTR - Saturday.

This line closed to regular passenger services in sections as detailed below but the entire line continued in use by seasonal dated trains, the last being the 1625 SO Llandudno - York dated 12/06/1971 - 04/09/1971 - BLN 202 p79.

Walton Old Jct. - Arpley Jct. - no regular passenger service.

Arpley Jct. - Broadheath Jct. - local service withdrawn from10/09/1962. 

Broadheath Jct. - Skelton West Jct. - no regular passenger service.

Skelton West Jct. - Northenden Jct. - local service withdrawn from 30/11/1964. 

Northenden Jct. - Stockport Edgeley No.2 Jct. (aka Northenden Line Jct.) - local services withdrawn from 01/01/1917 (N.B. OCD? - no official closure date identified for this section of line but RPSGB gives closure date for Cheadle (LNWR) as 01/01/1917.)

Hazel Grove High Level Jct. (junction with new Hazel Grove Chord) - New Mills South Jct. RO 12/05/1986.

Skelton East Jct. - Stockport Edgeley No.2 Jct. RO ? 1989 with the rerouting via Stockport of the Manchester (Piccadilly) - Chester service in anticipation of the closure and conversion to Metrolink of the Cornbrook Jct. - Deansgate Jct. [Timperley] line.

Can anyone confirm the date of this RO? A cursory look through BLN, RM and Modern Railways finds, surprisingly, no mention of it. I will dust down my fine-toothed comb and have another look in time. The Oct 1988 GBTT has the Chester service running via Timperley and then via Stockport in the Oct 1989 GBTT. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the May 1989 GBTT, but it looks likely it was either from 15 May or 2 October 1989.

Answers to the usual address, please!


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