A Comprehensive Register of the Railway Lines of Great Britain Closed to Passenger Services since 1901


Welcome to the Register of Closed Railways website which aims to provide a comprehensive record of all railways in Great Britain closed to passenger services since 1901. For a detailed explanation of the background to the project and the criteria please go to the Introduction page.

As explained in Background, some information is vague, unconfirmed or simply non-existent. One of the aims of this website is to tap into the vast reservoir of knowledge and experience out there in the hope that some of these gaps might be filled. Consequently, this website will be updated, amended and improved over time.

The website is laid out primarily in date order. This was considered to be the only practical solution to a problem that has dogged previous publications on this subject. Unlike individual stations it is difficult, if not impossible to provide an alphabetical list of sections of line that would make any sense or be consistent. However, as it is anticipated that most users of the site will be approaching the subject by name rather than date, a Search facility has been provided. Simply entering the name of any station on the line in question will produce a positive result. 

Please note that only stations on closed sections of line are included here. This site does not cover closed stations on lines that are still open to passenger traffic, except, of course, where a line has closed and subsequently been reopened to passenger traffic. Also where a station was connected with a closed section of line (e.g. a junction station) but remained open then that will appear in the Search result (see Introduction - Criteria 1. Section of Line Closed to Passenger Services).

The task of building this website has primarily entailed collating information from various existing sources, so my thanks go to all those involved in their publication, development etc. I have set out in detail those sources in Bibliography/Acknowledgements. If I have overlooked anybody or anything then please accept my sincere apologies and do let me know so the matter can be rectified.

A special thanks must go to Ffion Atkinson, webpage designer (, for her excellent work in building this website.  

I hope this website will be useful to anyone interested in an important, if rather melancholy aspect of Britain's railway history. I would genuinely welcome any information, suggestions and criticisms. I will do my best to reply to each personally.


Martin Firth 

Hebden Bridge

West Yorkshire



Website last updated  03/08/2022