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Grand Jct. - Birmingham (Curzon St.) (L&BR)

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jul 1854

Mileage Closed

0m 25c†

Stations Closed

Birmingham (Curzon St.) (L&BR)

Cobb Atlas Reference

242 08 87 - 07 87; SP 08328 87076 - SP 07833 87070

Present Status



Further Notes

ACD - Sat 01/07/1854 - RPSGB. MR services transferred to New St. station.

Most references to Curzon St. station treat the Grand Junction Railway and the London & Birmingham Railway termini as one. In practice they were, as both companies' services operated into the other's station as conditions dictated. However, for the purposes of this website, they have been shown separately as there was a distinct difference in respective lines of route, combined with differing closure dates.

See Lawley St. Jct. - Birmingham (Curzon St.) (GJR).


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