This page shows, in chronological order, the section of line closed in the year 1859. Click on a section of line entry to view it in more detail. If a section of line has an unknown or partial closure date, it will appear at the end of the list.

Date Closed to Passenger Services Section of Line
Feb 1859 Stafford Rd. Jct. - Wolverhampton No.4 (North) Jct.
2 May 1859 Milford Jct. - Salisbury (Milford)
16 May 1859 New Craighall West Jct. - Wanton Walls Jct. - Fisherrow Jct. (1859 deviation point)
4 Jul 1859 Burnhill Jct. - Waskerley; Whitehall Jct. - Waskerley Jct.
Aug 1859 Lands (excl.) - Haggerleases