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Wisbech Goods Jct. - Wisbeach** (EC)

Date Closed to Passenger Services


Mileage Closed

0m 30c*

Stations Closed

Wisbeach** (EC)

Cobb Atlas Reference

274 45 08 - 45 09; TF 45857 08858 - TF 45703 09483

Present Status



Further Notes

ACD - 1863, exact date unknown. Original Eastern Counties Railway (EC) station, replaced when services were diverted to the East Anglian Railway (EA) station at Wisbeach East.

Considerable uncertainty surrounds the closure date and location of this station.

C gives "prob. Oct 1852", though the footnote erroneously states "original EA terminus, trains diverted to the original EC terminus", conflating EA and EC. RPSGB states "services diverted to next (EA) about 1852". BRS gives c1852. DRS gives 1 March 1848. Cobb gives 1863.

A possible arbiter on this is the Wikipedia entry which records the fact that "the two stations remained in use until at least 1851 when a lease was agreed between the two companies giving the operation of the East Anglian Railways to the Eastern Counties, the agreement taking effect at the beginning of 1852. In 1862, the Great Eastern Railway (GER) acquired the line and subsequently closed the Eastern Counties' Wisbeach station to passenger traffic the following year". This would account for the two different years quoted.  

The exact location is also problematic. Cobb and BRS show the station at a more SE location, 'X' on the map. DRS records the station as "Wisbeach South Brink", which suggests a location at or near the end of the line which fronted onto South Brink road. The British History Online webpage for Wisbech supports this location in the text and on the accompanying map.

Both EC and EA original stations were apparently temporary wooden structures and so this probably accounts for the uncertainty surrounding their location.

**Spelling at time of closure. C states spelling was changed to Wisbech from 04/05/1877.


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