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Dunstable Jct. - Dunstable (1st)

Date Closed to Passenger Services

Jan 1866

Mileage Closed

0m 12c

Stations Closed

Dunstable (1st)

Cobb Atlas Reference

175 01 22; TL 01003 22595 - TL 01192 22567

Present Status



Further Notes

ACD - ?/01/1866 - RPSGB.

Replaced by Dunstable (2nd) located a short distance N on the through line to Luton. The original intention had been to make an end-on junction with the new line to Luton at the existing Dunstable station, but Parliament refused consent on the grounds of complications with road levels. An alternative route at a slightly higher level, to address these concerns, was completed and opened in 1858. However, the LNWR station was not relocated until Jan 1866. In the meantime, trains working through from Luton to Leighton Buzzard either omitted the stop at Dunstable (LNW) or reversed into/out of the station. See DSW Dunstable North

Cobb erroneously shows Dunstable (2nd) located on the junction of the LNW and GN lines. It was actually located on the GN line approx. 10c E of Dunstable Jct. To confuse matters more, RR GN032 Hatfield - Dunstable correctly shows Dunstable (2nd), but RR NW113 Dunstable Branch incorrectly shows Dunstable (2nd) between Dunstable Jct. and Dunstable (1st).


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