This page shows, in chronological order, the section of line closed in the year 1885. Click on a section of line entry to view it in more detail. If a section of line has an unknown or partial closure date, it will appear at the end of the list.

Date Closed to Passenger Services Section of Line
1 May 1885 Walton-on-the-Hill (excl.) - Huskisson
4 May 1885 Penywern Jct. - Ivor Jct.
1 Jul 1885 Church Rd. Jct. - Birmingham (Granville St.)
1 Jul 1885 Seven Oaks (Bat & Ball) (excl.) - Sevenoaks Jct.
20 Jul 1885 Bournemouth (East) (1st)
1 Oct 1885 Dunmore Jct. - South Alloa
1 Dec 1885 Burnhouse Jct. - Byers Green (2nd)