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Avonmouth Dock (excl) - Avonmouth

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Oct 1902

Mileage Closed

1m 48c*

Stations Closed


Services Operated

Bath (Queen Sq.)/Bristol (Temple Meads) - Avonmouth**

Cobb Atlas Reference

118 51 78 - 51 79 (approx). Cobb atlas erroneously shows Avonmouth on BPR&P line between Dock Jct. and (later) Avonmouth Docks (GW) station on a post-1908 layout. See map below.

Further Notes

OCD - Wednesday.

*The Bristol Port Railway & Pier OL37 1975 OP p24/37. RCH WE 1902 gives 0m 57c.

**Workmens' trains continued to serve Avonmouth until withdrawn after LTR Friday 15/05/1903 - RPSGB.