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Portobello West Jct. - South Leith

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jul 1903

Mileage Closed

2m 66c*

Stations Closed

South Leith

Services Operated

Portobello - South Leith

Cobb Atlas Reference

545 30 73 - 27 76

Present Status

Derelict - latterly used for freight to/from Leith Docks.


RCH RJD 27 1905

Further Notes

Original line of route was to Niddrie West Jct. where it joined the original E&DR route from St. Leonards. Service cut back to Portobello from Niddrie West Jct. from Jul 1847 - see Niddrie West Jct. - Portobello (E&D) (excl.)

South Leith - Portobello (E&D) CL - ?/07/1856, presumably in connection with the construction of the new curve. South Leith - (site of) South Leith Jct. RO - ?/10/1859 along with aforementioned new N - E connection to Portobello West Jct. - South Leith Jct. (site of) - Portobello (E&D)

ACD - Fri 01/07/1903 - see below.

DRS, Wikipedia and sundry mentions give Fri 01/07/1903; CPLGB p59 gives Mon 02/01/1905; RPSGB states "last two way service in Brad 1904 (three trains each way); May to September three to Leith only; October and November one to Leith; still present December, but no trains shown".

However, RM May 1930 p405/6 states, "Up to 1903 a passenger train service was run between Portobello and South Leith..... In 1903, with the advent of the Leith Central branch and station, the Portobello-South Leith line was closed for passenger traffic". Although no specific date is given, as the opening of the Leith Central branch is recorded as Fri 01/07/1903 (RM Aug 1903 p165), it is safe to assume the ACD for the South Leith branch was the same day.  

*RCH Sc 1895.


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