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Longtown Jct. - Gretna (NB); Gretna Jct. NBR - Border Union Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

9 Aug 1915

Mileage Closed

3m 32c**

Stations Closed

Gretna (NB)

Services Operated

Longtown - Gretna (NB) - Gretna Green (GSW)*

Timetable Reference

B Jul 1908 806

Cobb Atlas Reference

472 37 68 - 33 67


J & W Emslie Official Railway Map of Scotland 1912. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

Further Notes

*NBR trains from Longtown to Gretna ran into Gretna (NB) and then reversed clear of Gretna Jct. NBR and proceeded north across Border Union Jct. on to the CR main line. They called at Gretna (CR) to set down only (not advertised in Bradshaws 1908) and then proceeded to Gretna Green (GSW). The return workings involved the same procedure in reverse, but the stop at Gretna (CR), still unadvertised, was to pick up and set down. For a more detailed account see: RHRGB Vol 6 Scotland - The Lowlands and the Borders p146/7 .

**Longtown Jct. - Gretna (NB) 3m 18c; Gretna Jct. NBR - Border Union Jct. 0m 14c.