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Hammersmith Branch Jct. (divergence point)* - Hammersmith & Chiswick

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jan 1917

Mileage Closed

1m 23c*

Services Operated

South Acton - Hammersmith & Chiswick

Cobb Atlas Reference

127 20 79 - 21 78


RCH RJD 102 1913

Further Notes

*Approximate mileage. Both RCH L 1921 & RJD 102 show junction of branch as Hammersmith Branch Jct. at 0m 3c NE of South Acton station, with Hammersmith & Chiswick branch running parallel on same formation as the main line to the divergence point approximately 0m 20c from South Acton station. The OS 25 inch 1892-1914 map and Cobb Atlas show the junction at the divergence point.

The mileage is shown from the divergence point as the section of line from there to Hammersmith Branch Jct. is the same as the main line.  


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