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Vernon Jct. (1935 connection) - Court Sart (1935 connection)

Date Closed to Passenger Services

16 Sep 1935

Mileage Closed

0m 46c*

Stations Closed

Briton Ferry (East)

Services Operated

Treherbert - Swansea (East Dock)

Timetable Reference

B Mar 1935 91

Cobb Atlas Reference

137 74 93 - 74 95

Present Status



RCH RJD141 1904 

Further Notes

*Approximate mileage. 

This section of line is erroneously recorded as Baglan Jct. - Court Sart Jct. in CPLGB p13 and PNM 1980 p14. The sections between these junctions and the 1935 connections to the GW main line were retained to form 'diving' junctions at either end. Cobb also does not show the 1935 connections.

This is a borderline case in relation to the definition of a separate line of route. In reality, most of the Rhondda & Swansea Bay line between Court Sart and Baglan Jct. ran parallel with and effectively shared the formation of the GW main line. This stretch was incorporated into the GW main line in 1935 with two connections, one immediately south of Briton Ferry East station and one south of Court Sart station. As far as I can make out they were little more than crossovers, though I may stand corrected. See RPSGB map 85

I have included this section on the basis that it was built as part of a separately identifiable railway undertaking, viz. the Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway.


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