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Sellafield Jct. - Mire House Jct. via Moor Row

Date Closed to Passenger Services

16 Jun 1947

Mileage Closed

9m 44c

Stations Closed

Beckermet; Egremont; Woodend; Moor Row

Services Operated

Sellafield- Moor Row/Whitehaven (Bransty)

Timetable Reference

B 1st May - 15th Jun 1947 625

Cobb Atlas Reference

429 01 04 - 441 98 15

Present Status



RCH Cumberland & Westmorland Districts 1912

Further Notes

CL - Mon 07/01/1935; RO - Mon 11/03/1940 for unadvertised workmens' service only; (DRS shows this service CL - Mon 08/04/1940, RPSGB makes no mention of it); RO - Mon 06/05/1946 as public timetabled service - C LNWR Ch.DRSRPSGB.

ACD - Mon 16/06/1947 - PNM 1980 p82. No Sunday service, LTR - Sat 14/06/1947. Initially TCD due to fuel crisis. B 16th Jun 1947 625 shows "Service Suspended". No services advertised subsequently. Date later confirmed as ACD.

Unadvertised workmens' service ran between Moor Row and Sellafield from Mon 23/05/1949 to CL Mon 06/09/1965. LTR? Did these services run between Moor Row and Whitehaven?

Occasional Sellafield to Egremont school trains ran until CL - Mon 03/03/1969. LTR - Fri 28/02/1969?

See RM Jul & Aug 1946 p256.

*Gillfoot station appears to have been built but there is no evidence that it ever opened for regular public timetabled services. Likely used only for workmens' trains. Any confirmation welcome.


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