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Rochdale East Jct. - Bacup Station Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

14 Dec 1949

Mileage Closed

8m 12c*

Services Operated

Rochdale - Bacup

Timetable Reference

B 1st May - 15th Jun 1947 574a

Cobb Atlas Reference

382 90 13 - 86 22


RCH Lancashire & District 1933

Further Notes

OCD - Wednesday - CRC; DSSR.

ACD - 16/06/1947 - due to coal shortages. CPLGB, PNM 1980, DRS & RPSGB all give this date as OCD.

A detailed account appears on DSSR The Facit Branch: Rochdale to Bacup. It does state last train ran "Saturday 16 June 1947", but this was a Monday, Saturday being the 14th.

A good example of the complexities of pinning down "Official Closure Dates". In this case the date must be taken as the day of the official announcement, which happened to be a Wednesday. 

*RCH L&D 1933.