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Barry Island (excl.) - Barry Pier

Date Closed to Passenger Services

5 Jul 1976

Mileage Closed

0m 37c

Stations Closed

Barry Pier

Services Operated

No regular timetabled passenger service.

Cobb Atlas Reference

112 11 66 - 12 66

Further Notes

OCD? Virtually all sources are at odds on this one.

RM Feb 1972 p103/4 states LTR Mon 11 October 1971 following of the Campbell boats between Barry/Cardiff and Weston-super-Mare. This is quoted in RPSGB, but no OCD given, though it specifically states "occasional steamers called 1972 and 1973 but no railway connection" - (citing The Barry Railway Steamers X80 OP p215).

PNM 1980 p16 states CL Tue 12/10/1971 - OCD following last boat would make sense. Footnote then states "Used by boat trains until 05/05/1975".

DRS gives CL Tue 19/10/1971.

RCR states CL 05/07/1976.

The Barry Railway OL57 OP 1978 p214 states "not...used after....October 1971, but was not officially closed until 05/07/1976".  

Finally, BLN 304 p151 confirms OCD as 05/07/1976.