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Bidston West Jct. - Bidston North Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jun 1981

Mileage Closed

0m 20c*

Stations Closed


Services Operated

West Kirby - Birkenhead North via New Brighton**

Timetable Reference

GBTT 3 May 1976 - 1 May 1977 Tables 103 & 104

Cobb Atlas Reference

367 28 90 - 28 91


RCH RJD 74 1913

Further Notes

LTR - Sat 30/09/1978 - 2319 SO West Kirby - Birkenhead North via New Brighton. 

BLN 425 p200/4 gives a detailed account of the circumstances leading up to this closure and finishes by stating "The PSUL Supplement to BLN 355 states that this train was withdrawn with effect from 7 October 1978, following which "no regular use of the line by passenger trains could be identified". Confusingly, PSUL 1978-9 amendments p4 actually states "Withdrawn with effect from 2 October 1978". 7 October is correct if you apply the 'on and from' principal to the letter, as this is the first day, Saturday, after withdrawal on which a train was scheduled to run. 2 October would be correct if the service had operated weekdays or the closure date was 'official'. Either way I surmise the last train actually ran on Sat 30/09/1978.  

OCD - Mon 01/06/1981 - BLN 420 p133; RoCR.

*RCH L&D 1933. 


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