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Dryclough Jct. - Heaton Lodge Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

1 Jun 1981

Mileage Closed

7m 28c*

Stations Closed

Greetland (10/09/1962); Elland (1st) (01/08/1865); Elland (2nd) (10/09/1962); Brighouse for Rastrick (2nd) (05/01/1970); Brighouse for Rastrick (1st) (01/05/1893); Cooper Bridge (20/02/1950)

Services Operated

2250 SX London (King's Cross) - Halifax/Bradford (Interchange)

Seasonal dated services

Cobb Atlas Reference

383 09 23 - 18 20


RCH Lancashire & Cheshire Districts 1933; Yorkshire District 1918

Further Notes

Most services withdrawn from Mon 05/01/1970 and intermediate stations closed. This date is often quoted as OCD. However, the line continued to be used by three trains between Halifax and London (King's Cross). As these were undated regular timetabled trains (RTS) this meant the line was still open to passenger services. The line also continued in use for SDS. 

ACD - Mon 01/06/1981 - withdrawal of the remaining RTS, i.e. 2250 SX London (King's Cross) - Halifax/Bradford (Interchange) - PSUL 1980-1 amendments p4. LTR - Fri 29/05/1981. 

Line continued in use by SDS until:

LTR Dryclough Jct. - Bradley Wood Jct. (- Bradley Jct.) Sat 27/09/1986 - 0558 SO Bradford (Interchange) - Poole;

LTR Bradley Wood Jct. - Heaton Lodge Jct. Sat 30/08/1986 - 1145 SO Blackpool (North) - Sheffield - PSUL 1986-7 p15 & PSUL 1986-7 amendments p4; RoCR.

This line was one of the "Five Curves" that were the subject of much controversy at the time over claims of illegal closure. Ministerial consent was finally announced and reported in RM Feb 1987 p123 & BLN 553 p3/87-7 but no specific OCD was given. The latter article suggests, by the date of its sources, the announcement was made in early December 1986.

In the absence of an OCD, I have listed the line under its ACD to RTS. 

Dryclough Jct. - Bradley Wood Jct. (- Bradley Jct.) RO Sunday 28/05/2000 with introduction of a Leeds - Bradford - Halifax - Brighouse - Huddersfield service.

(Milner Royd Jct. -) Greetland Jct. - Heaton Lodge Jct. RO Monday 29/05/2000 with introduction of 0753 Hebden Bridge - Leeds via Brighouse & 1712 Leeds - Hebden Bridge via Brighouse.

*RCH L&CD 1933.


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