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New Holland Jct. - New Holland Pier; Barton Jct. - New Holland Town Jct.

Date Closed to Passenger Services

24 Jun 1981

Mileage Closed

0m 47c*

Services Operated

Cleethorpes/Grimsby Town - New Holland Pier

Barton-on-Humber - New Holland Pier

Timetable Reference

GBTT 3 May 1976 - 1 May 1977 Table 29

Cobb Atlas Reference

389 08 24 - 07 24


RCH Yorkshire District 1918

Further Notes

AC(T&)D - 1200 Wed 24/06/1981 - DRS; RPSGB. Rare case of a line and stations' planned closure before the end of the last day's service. 

The last scheduled ferry departures were, according to the commemorative ticket, Hull Corporation Pier 1930; New Holland Pier 1815 & 2000.

However, New Holland Town and Pier stations were closed at noon on the 24/06/1981 and the new station at New Holland on the south to west curve was opened along with the reopening of the Barton-on-Humber branch (TC 01/06/1981). Opening of the Humber Bridge occurred on the same day - RPSGB; DRSDSW.

 An account of the last day of service appears in Railways to New Holland and the Humber Ferries LP198 OP p94/5.

*RCH Y 1918. New Holland Jct. - New Holland Pier - 0m 37c; Barton Jct. - New Holland Town Jct. - 0m 10c.


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